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Clearing Out A Hoarders House

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De-clutter Your Property with Our Hoarder Cleaning Services:

We humans usually have the tendency to collect things and nurture them for a long time. This is usually seen in homes, which leads to the harbouring of stored possessions that ultimately leads to a huge clutter. Here, at Deceased Estate Property Services, we specialise in providing hoarder cleaning services for your house clearance in Melbourne. We have worked with a lot of families and helped them dispose and categorise the items left by their loved ones. Usually, when clients come to us, they are actually downscaling from their large family homes and looking for something more convenient and manageable. So, as a part of our hoarder cleaning services and house clearance in Melbourne, we tend to identify the belongings of value and return it to you or recycle or sell/dispose it on your behalf. Whether it’s deceased estate or personal property, it is often confronting and overwhelming having to undergo hoarding cleanups. Clearances of hoarding houses are difficult not only because a large amount of items tend to amass into uncontrollable amounts over time, but also because many items will hold value to individuals. Our empathetic team of professional cleaners understand this. With experience in various facets of cleaning services, they undertake hoarding house clearances with understanding, respect and no judgement. If you’re in need of hoarding cleanup services, our processes include:
  • An understanding team that will help you plan the entire process
  • Details of the final outcome of the process that can be altered to individual needs
  • The sorting, organising and labelling of items
  • The removal of unwanted items by donation, sales or disposal

How Can Our Deceased Estate House Clearance Benefit You?

At, Deceased Estate Property Services, we aim to provide our clients with the most systematic and clear approach to hoarder cleaning and house clearance in Melbourne. There are many of our clients who are well aware that they require hoarder cleaning services but do not where to start and whom to consult. Our experienced team makes sure to help you with managing the entire process and help you clean the mess – the easy way. At Deceased Estate Property Services, we offer you a complete range of services ranging from hoarder cleaning to deceased estate house clearances in Melbourne, to make certain that your property is restored to the ideal condition.

What Do Our Hoarder Cleaning Services Offer You?

Before we commence the process of cleaning your property, we will ensure that we return all your personal belongings or items of value to you. Also, we can offer to sell, dispose of, recycle and donate other undesirable items. For confidential documents and records, we arrange proper elimination and disposal. Once, we complete de-cluttering your house, we will thoroughly clean and address its maintenance issues so that it avails maximum price on the sales if that’s your aim. Our customisable services are:
  • To identify your belongings of personal value and return it to you
  • To remove the unwanted items and make the maximum possible effort to pass on the items to somebody through sale, donation or recycling
  • To tailor our services and approach according to your individual circumstances and requirements
Cleaning decades worth of possessions and other deceased estate house clearances might seem an overwhelming task. At, Deceased Estate Property Services, we convert this overwhelming process into a hassle-free and practical one and provide you with satisfactory hoarder cleaning services and deceased estate house clearances in Melbourne.

Call Us For Hoarder Cleaning Services!

If you need to clean your home or a deceased property but do not know where to start – we can help. We offer a full range of house clearance and hoarder cleaning services in Melbourne. All you need to do is simply call us at 1300 803 881 and our team will get in touch with you.  

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