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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know where to start?

Once you contact us and we clarify the level of assistance you will need, we will come to the property to assess the level of work required. At this visit we will outline a level of service and set out a plan of action required to meet your needs and provide you with an estimate of our fees.

What care do you take dealing with a loved one personal belongings?

We at DEPS take great pride in ensure we represent the clients best interest and work to meet their needs. We conduct our work in a respectful and honest manner. We ensure all our trade companies, estate agents, valuers and any 3rd parties we engage, are reputable, licenced and insured.

What happens to goods in the property?

All personal items are delivered as per instructions from beneficiaries, family members, Trustees or solicitors. We can safely transport goods to instructed destinations, like personal homes, auction house, charities etc.

What happens when you come across hidden valuables or money?

This does happen. DEPS prides itself on its honestly. We will quickly inform you of the situation and keep the valuables or money in our safe until further instructions.

What if a family member is relocating to aged care?

No problem. We will work with family members or any friends to start decluttering the property. We transport any items or place them in storage.

What areas do you cover?

DEPS is based in St Kilda Rd, Melbourne and covers all of Victoria. No place to too far away. DEPS’ parent company National Estate & Property Services is a national servicing company and we have the processes in place to cover Australia wide if required.

How do I keep up to date on everything?

At DEPS we believe communication is of the upmost importance. You will be given regular calls or emails to keep you up to date and to answer any queries you may have.

Can you help sell the property?

Absolutely. DEPS are licenced estate agent and our parent company National Estate & Property Services specialises in property sale for trustees and lenders. We can source estate agent and manage the sale process, while all the time, communication with you and giving you our professional recommendations. We will advise with what needs to be done to the property to increase the sale price. Even an increase of 5% to the sale price can be a significant increase in the price.

How much does your service cost?

Our service is depended on the client’s needs and the work required. We are very flexible in our pricing. This will be dependant of the time needed at the property to declutter, conduct inventory, remove goods, packing of goods, etc. In regards to selling the property, there is no cost for this. As we are licenced estate agents, we enter in to conjunctional sale agreement with the selected selling agent.

How long does hoarding clean up take?

Hoarding clean ups vary from person to person – and the amount of hoard can be considered on a scale from minimal to excessive. As a result, our hoarding clean-up and clear out services may take a day to clean up to a week or more. Give us a call for an inspection and quote on your hoarding situation.

What if there are valuables in the hoarder’s house?

Here at Deceased Estate, our professional hoarding cleaners are trained to clean up and clear out hoard in Melbourne – separating any item that may have monetary or sentimental value. The separated items are shown to the responsible party and further action can be taken to either keep or dispose of the items.

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DEPS is a division of NEPS Pty Ltd National Estate Property Service. NEPS is a national company that specialises in mortgages, estate property sales and trustee servicing – including residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties. NEPS is a licenced estate agent company.

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