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Deceased Estate Clean Up & Staging

Deceased Estate Property Clean out

Deceased Estate Clean Up Losing a loved one can be traumatic and difficult for you and your family. It can be difficult to deal with everything all alone. Therefore, the best help you would expect at this stage is finding somebody who can clean up the entire property – thoroughly, quickly and with no extra fuss, whilst you focus on more important things and spend time with your loved ones. We, at Deceased Estate Property Services, help you organise your house and specialise in providing you deceased estate clearance in Melbourne. We are thoroughly familiar with all the steps involved in the process of deceased estate clean up and therefore make this stressful job easier for you. We know that the approaches of all our individual customers might differ, thus, we have made our services completely customisable. This means we work on your terms. When you lose a loved one, it’s often confronting to have to vacate and clean up their estate. Our experienced and caring team of professionals will work promptly to ensure that the property is cleaned, cleared out and presentable, in the most non-invasive way possible. We have a long-term commitment to cleaning out deceased estates and bringing our clients peace of mind. We work to efficiently remove waste, ensuring that your property looks presentable for sale. At Deceased Estate Property Services, we have years of experience serving the community. Here are our cleaning services lists that will have property looking presentable: –
  • Removal of rubbish from the property
  • Organise full cleaning of the property
  • Organise any repairs need for the property
  • Organise garden maintenance
  • Make recommendation to enhance the property for property sale
  • Organise ongoing gardening for the property during the marketing of the property
  • Organise furniture stage for to the property to increase the saleability of the property
  • Prepare the property for sale

About Our Professional Deceased Estate Clean Up Services

Our professional team at Deceased Estate Property Services guarantees to handle every job with professionalism and sensitivity. We take into account all the instructions that you give us and clean out little or more, as per your needs. Our services will ensure that your deceased state clean up in Melbourne is done as quickly as possible and the unwanted belongings are disposed of or sold carefully in the most environment-friendly way possible.

Our services mainly cover:

  • Sorting through all your belongings
  • Identify items that may be of value or sentimental value
  • Disposing of the unwanted rubbish
  • Donating the unnecessary items to charity or sell them
  • Cleaning and getting your homes back to the ideal condition
  • Repairing any structural damage that might have occurred

Affordable and Efficient Deceased Estate Clearance in Melbourne

Our professional team is fully experienced and specialises in hoarder cleaning and deceased estate clean up along with the removal of unwanted items. We are extremely supportive and can provide you deceased estate clean up and management of personal belongings. We make sure our approach is person-centred so that all your requirements are addressed in the most satisfactory manner. We understand that deceased estate clearance in Melbourne is not just another cleaning job; therefore, it requires specific care and sensitivity. We understand the responsibility we have undertaken and ensure that we provide cleaning services with the utmost respect and care. Below are a few points why you should consider as you are availing our deceased estate clean up services:
  • Firstly, the clutter or mess might be prone to a number of hazardous gases, which you might not be aware of. Therefore, you shouldn’t risk yourself to such risks and consult our experts today.
  • Secondly, we have all the necessary tools and advanced equipment needed to conduct a smooth clean-up process. We know the exact strategies to do it because we tackle them every day.
Lastly, our professional team and company consist of all the appropriate licenses that are required. Our team maintains all the rules and accreditations and treats your property with the utmost care. Please have a look at our before and after photos for examples under ‘Our work’.

Want Us To Help You Through The Process?

If you want to clean a deceased house, call us today at 1300 803 881 and we will make the process easier and hassle-free for you.

Feel free to contact us for free no obligation consultation on Ph 1300 803 881

DEPS is a division of NEPS Pty Ltd National Estate Property Service. NEPS is a national company that specialises in mortgages, estate property sales and trustee servicing – including residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties. NEPS is a licenced estate agent company.

Deceased Estate Property Services

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